If you love antiques, then you’ll really appreciate our Vintage-Antique Runner collection.

You’ll find everything that you’d ever dreamed of in this genre right here within our library. From intricately patterned designs to lush colors and stunning weaves, there’s a lot that this collection has to offer. If bold and ostentatious with an old-world charm is what you’re going for, then you’ll definitely love these runners.

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Vintage Runners 12'x4'5"
Sale Price: $4500.00  
Vintage Runners 13'x4'8"
Sale Price: $3150.00  
Vintage Runners 14'3"x4'7"
Sale Price: $3100.00  
Vintage Runners 8'9"x2'7"
Sale Price: $1246.00   Reg Price: $1850.00
Save: $604.00
Vintage Runners 9'6"x2'3"
Sale Price: $1266.00   Reg Price: $1850.00
Save: $584.00