Custom Possibilities

At The Rug Warehouse, we are well-known for our fine custom rug and carpet capabilities.

Almost all of our exclusive rug lines can be made into any size. We can change the colors and the materials to your specifications. As you browse our rug lines, please note that we have placed check marks next to the ones that are customizable.

To meet the rising demand and popularity of shag rugs, we offer Custom Shag rug lines, available both in custom size and color.

In our Custom Roll Runner and Custom Carpet programs, we provide an ample selection to those who need unusually sized custom runners or carpets.

Our Custom Carpet department offers fine wool Axminster production. We pride ourselves on accommodating specific color and design requests, so long as our minimum square yardage requirement is met. In particular, we are pleased to be able to fulfill our hospitality clients exacting requirements.

Custom Carpet

For spaces that are beyond the usual specifications, we are delighted to offer our custom carpet line. Choose from virtually any of our exclusive rug lines to create the custom carpet of your dreams. Just look for the check marks next to the rugs in our extensive gallery.

Custom Rug

Custom Shag

The plush luxury of a custom shag carpet is the epitome of chic and comfort. You will fall in love with a shag rug that is made to your specification of color and size, exclusively for you. Browse our shag carpet gallery and create a gorgeous carpet in step with the times that will caress your every step.


Custom Roll Runner

Why settle for an ill-fitting carpet runner when you can have a spectacularly beautiful runner to grace your staircase, hallway, or foyer? Our carpet runners are available in a wide selection of unusual sizes. Browse our gallery for the finest custom roll runners to fit all of your unconventional areas.