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These primitive yet elegant designs are hand-woven pieces of art. Our collection of Moroccan rugs boasts new, vintage, and antique pieces in good to excellent condition. A variety of colors, patterns, and sizes for any style home.

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The beautiful country of Morocco, situated in the northwestern tip of Africa, is famous for many things - most importantly its beautiful hand-woven rugs. Our eclectic selection of old, antique, vintage, and new Moroccan design rugs are desired for their exotic beauty, subtle patterns, and quality. Moroccan rugs are traditionally woven by the indigenous Berber tribal people, and usually are used in their tents or homes, rather than for decor. The weavers are skilled although not classically trained, which gives these tribal hand-woven rugs a sense of primitive elegance. The simple patterns and variety of colors help these rugs fit in beautifully with modern decor.

61765 Moroccan 9'x12'
Starting from $3950
61763 Moroccan 9'x12'
Starting from $3950
61757 Moroccan 8'x10'
Starting from $2975
61732 Moroccan 9'x12'
Starting from $3950
61731 Moroccan Ivory 9'x12'
Starting from $3950
61730 Moroccan Aqua Gold 9'x12'
Starting from $4350
61727 Moroccan Ivory 9'x12'
Starting from $3950
61702 All Wool Hand Made Moroccan Style 9'7
Starting from $2919
61701 All Wool Hand Made Moroccan Style 8'9
Starting from $2919
61700 All Wool hand made Moroccan Style 9'4
Starting from $2919
61699 All Wool Moroccan Style 9'7
Starting from $4399
61585 Multi Color Moroccan 12''x9'
Starting from $5788
58061 Moroccan Rug 5'6
Starting from $499
60637 Moroccan Berber 12'x9'
Starting from $3522
60634 Vintage Moroccan Berber 8'3
Starting from $2234
60631 Vintage Moroccan Berber 7'9
Starting from $1430