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Kilims/Flatweaves Rugs

Our fine handmade kilim rugs at The Rug Warehouse range from antique and vintage to modern styles.

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The Turkish and Persian kilims are one-of-a-kind, vegetable dyed, and all wool. We offer a wide range of sizes, including oversize rugs; each rug is unique and in excellent condition. There is nothing like a fine handmade kilim rug to add distinction and warmth to any room in your home. Whether you choose the timeless style of an antique kilim or a modern geometric look, you will value the beauty, and artistic quality that you are bringing into your life. A kilim rug is a rug that will stand the test of time and is always a classic. At The Rug Warehouse, we search the globe to bring you the very best kilims at the very best prices To get more information, please call or visit our Los Angeles showroom.

58694 Kilim 10x13
Starting from $10000
58995 Old Persian Kilim 5'x8'9
Starting from $1286
58947 Old Persian Kilim 5.2x8.1
Starting from $1375
57667 konya kilim 9'8x14
Starting from $7688
57666 konya kilim 10'2x13'2
Starting from $4500
57665 konya kilim 9x12
Starting from $3500
57663 konya kilim 6x10'4
Starting from $3178
57662 konya kilim 6'9x9'4
Starting from $3166
57660 konya kilim 8'1x10'8
Starting from $3348
57657 konya kilim 7'6x9'4
Starting from $3144
57656 Konya Kilim 8.7x10.6
Starting from $2899
57655 konya kilim 8'4x12
Starting from $3199