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Contemporary & Transitional Rugs

An extensive range of designs and qualities that create a mood, express a feeling, and emanate style. Custom options available.

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Looking for the perfect mix of traditional beauty and modern flair? Make a bold statement in your room with our sensational Transitional and Contemporary Rug collection! With a wide array of patterns and broad spectrum of colors to choose from, the design possibilities that the Rug Warehouse offers are endless. From subtle modern prints to bold abstracts, our Transitional and Contemporary rugs are true exquisite masterpieces for your home - hand knotted and loom weaved with a hundred percent perfection, using only the finest materials of wool, cotton, silk and bamboo. Introduce a contemporary vibe and bring warmth and life to spaces using only the best rugs that you can find in our gallery. We cordially invite you to visit our stunning Los Angeles showroom today to see our impressive collection of Transitional and Contemporary rugs.
Art II
Starting from $5750
Art FS
Starting from $5500
Art I - Limited
Starting from $6700
Art I GE
Starting from $5500
Art II
Starting from $5750
Art III - Limited
Starting from $8000
Art I-Limited
Starting from $6700
Nepalese T50
Starting from $7850
Nepalese H24
Starting from $7850
Nepalese P43
Starting from $9360
Nepalese I8
Starting from $8250
Nepalese P51
Starting from $7690
Nepalese D69
Starting from $9750
Nepalese R18
Starting from $5900
Nepalese V3
Starting from $9780
Nepalese A20
Starting from $9360