Types of Interior Design Styles That Can Feature Cowhide & Fur Rugs

Rugs and interior design styles go hand in hand. If you furnish the right style with the wrong rug, you'll up with a lot of visual dissonance. Similarly, even a great rug won't look nice when set up in a clashing interior design style. This is why today we'll be discussing the types of ambiances that cowhide and fur rugs can look good in. These rugs have a very distinct look, and need to be retrofitted in suitable spaces. So here are all the kind of spaces you can feature them in:

Scandinavian Style

The Nordic inspired trend of Scandinavian style is dominating the world design charts at the moment, and is definitely a huge hit. It features soft neutral tones, lots of natural light, wooden floors, and trendy yet simple furniture. The spaces designed in this vein are stylish and spacious, which is exactly why the cozy visuals of cowhide and fur rugs would feel right at home in them. The Cowhide Plume Champagne rug in this image would make a great counterpart and accent piece to Scandinavian interiors. It has an attractive design, but its elegantly understated color scheme would complement the organic surroundings of this style quite well.

Retro Style

The retro style is a culmination of all the best trends that were popular in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and even the early 2000s. As such, there is a lot of visual diversity in this style. From pop art to chintz to Laura Ashly patterns, lava lamps, and bold colors, going retro requires a lot of imagination and creativity. You'd think the cowhide and fur rugs would be too reserved for that, but you'd be absolutely wrong. The Multicolor Circles Dyed rug in this image is a great retro counterpart. It's custom-made to order, and is even available in different colors.

Minimalist Style

Minimalism is on the fast-track to become the most coveted lifestyle choices in the contemporary world, so it's only right that it also become a popular home aesthetic. It is characterized by sleek spaces with natural accents, clean designing, and an overall austere look that can make the space look cold if not decorated right. This is where the shaggy appeal of soft cowhide and fur rugs comes in handy. Even though you can pick one that doesn't really have a pattern, there is an inherent visual texture in such rugs that makes them leech out the frostiness out of a minimal space.

The Laser Etched Cowhide rug in this image is the perfect choice for simple interiors. It features a neutral hue that is complemented by the intricate laser-etched detailing. Furnishing it as the centerpiece would add nicely to the overall quality of your interior designs.

Wabi-Sabi Style

The wabi-sabi style is based on the Japanese ideology to embrace the transience and imperfections in life. Therefore, it features a very unconventional look. Comprising of rough textures, asymmetric patterns, organic colors, and natural objects, it would be the perfect style to complement with cowhide and fur rugs.

The custom-sized handmade cowhide rug in this image is an excellent example of the kind of patterns you can introduce in a wabi-sabi inspired home. It's sharp asymmetry and understated colors are a great potential backdrop for such a style.

Eclectic Style

The eclectic style is a veritable mixture of all the bet elements found in various other styles. There are no hard and fast rules for mixing and matching as long as you can maintain a great visual harmony between all elements you've chosen. There's a fusion of diverse colors and decorations in this style, so a cowhide and fur rug would be perfect to furnish such spaces with.

The moody blues of the cowhide rug in this image feature a fashion forward appeal that would complement the asymmetry of eclectic interiors quite nicely. It is overdyed, handmade, and has an iconic checkered-board pattern that is rarely ever found in such rugs.

Bohemian Style

Unconventional, artsy, and comprising of various aesthetics that feature expert blends of bold and understated colors, the bohemian style is definitely a rhapsody. It is rich, emphasizes retro visuals, and can sometimes be considered kitsch. Although very diverse, the one thing that remains constant in every bohemian interior is the use of texture, and this is where cowhide and fur rugs come in. Most of such rugs have a certain amount of visual and tactile texture that provides great contrast in many settings.

This is why the Light Blue Milk cowhide rug in this image would feel right at home within a boho-chic setting. Not only does it have a soft texture, it also has a beautiful pattern that would definitely add a qualitative edge to the vintage clutter of bohemian style spaces.

Contemporary Style

The contemporary style of interior design is a careful blend of all the popular and buzzworthy trends that are being globally appreciated at the present time. Therefore, this style is everchanging and evolving, but its backbone of soft hues, minor traditional accents, and elegant sophistication always remains the same. This is why the restrained appeal of certain cowhide and fur rugs feels right at home within such spaces.

In fact, the Custom Shearling Natural Colored fur rug in this image is a great choice for contemporary interior designs. It has a soothing visual quality that translates literally into its tactile form. Moreover, it's available in different colors, you can switch the beiges for any hue that suits your space the best.

Industrial Style

The industrial style is edgy, creative, and a little rough around the edges. It features natural rustic accents like exposed bricks and distressed wood, but at the same time, it has a unique warehouse style appeal that is translated in the form of concrete textures, steampunk décor elements, and exposed piping.

Cowhide and fur area rugs can be used to introduce tactile contrast in such spaces. Since they are available in so many unique designs and have a very naturally attractive appeal, they can be used to create contrast between all the edgy elements of the industrial style look. The Acid Splay Cowhide rug in this image is the perfect choice to bridge the distance between industrial distinctness with a soft texture.

As you can see, there are a lot of different styles that can highlight the beauty of cowhide and fur rugs. We hope our recommendations help you make a more informed decision.