Transitional Rugs And Why They Make Perfect Investment For Your Home

Nepalese S80 Transitional Rug

Hand knotted to perfection using only the finest materials and showcasing a refreshing take on traditional design and pattern, this transitional rug will surely help you bring that much needed life to your space. Taking inspiration from the classic brocade motif and using a neutral color palette of gray, white and beige, this rug can be used whether for a traditional living room or a contemporary dining area.

Rugs provide one of the best ways to create maximum impact in an interior, while using only minimum effort. Whether to add color, brighten up, accentuate or breathe new life into a space, rugs will help you do amazing home makeovers without having to undergo the nitty gritty work of renovating, repainting or refinishing your home.

Luckily, the market offers a lot of rugs which one can choose from to suit any interior style. Rugs come in different colors, shapes, designs and style --ranging from exotic traditional pieces to exquisite contemporary  designs which resemble modern artworks. However, another type of rug which continues to pick up steam in the interior design scene are transitional rugs.

Join us as we help you explore the unique characteristics of transitional rugs and what makes them a  truly valuable investment for your home.

What are transitional rugs?

Dubbed as "somewhere in between", the" best of both worlds" a "fusion of styles" or a "mixture of influences", transitional rugs are simply rugs which combine modern and traditional styles. They are a more subdued adaptation of the classic, perfectly infused with a bit of modern to create a perfect interior decor that exudes timelessness that is balanced with beauty and elegance, with just the right hint of casual comfort.

Soft Melody SM-61441 

This handmade wool rug makes use of classic geometric pattern and imagery. Compared to vibrant hues of red, oranges and yellows which we commonly see in traditional rugs, this transitional rug showcases a more subdued color palette of refreshing blues and naturally warm browns. Perfect for creating balance in a traditional or contemporary interior which is dominated by wooden finishes. 

Transitional rugs take inspiration from a traditional rug, while giving it a modern twist. Typically, it makes use of traditional and classic motifs such as flowers, leaves, geometric forms, stripes, sceneries from the countryside, which are often seen on fine hand crafted Kilims and oriental rugs. However, the main difference between the design of traditional and transitional rugs is that these repetitive patterns are usually toned down and creatively rearranged to produce a more casual style. The structure of the design is more informal rather than strict, which is either achieved by an off center motif, an uneven repetition of pattern or through the introduction an entirely irrelevant design element. While, when it comes to color, transitional rugs adapt a more subdued and mellow palette which is mostly composed of neutrals, compared to its traditional and modern counterparts.

When you look at a transitional rug, you can still see the presence of its traditional influence  - as they share the same roots,  but it has a more refreshing vibe. It is also entirely different from modern rugs which usually have bold shapes, loud patterns or vibrant colors. 

 Overall, transitional rugs are more subtle and soft looking - a perfect combination of old and new which can fit in any interior style and setup.

Reasons why Transitional Rugs make a "worth it" investment for your home

As mentioned, each type of rug is unique and can bring out different moods and aesthetic effects to a space. All of which are prized for their unmatched beauty and ability to instantly transform, give life and contribute color. But aside from these, there are a few other positive attributes which makes "transitional rugs" stand out from the rest.

Here are some reasons as to why more and more people are drawn to the beauty of transitional rugs and why they deserve a special spot in your collection.

Daniel Smoke

A perfect example of home decor with ultimate staying power, this transitional rug can surely be at par with any current trend, but also never go out of style for years. Transitional rugs which have classic motifs such as this beautiful brocade and floral pattern are considered to be timeless and can be paired with a number of different interior period styles. Also, if you want something which can suit almost any color scheme, choose a transitional rug that is dominated by neutral colors such as the one shown above.

Transitional rugs have ultimate staying power.

Rugs, in general, are one of the longest lasting home decor pieces which you can buy for your home. And what could be better than making sure that your investment is there to stay for the years to come, regardless of the evolving style of your home?

A transitional rug offers timelessness and ultimate staying power - one that is proven to stand the test the test of time and last for years or even decades. Since it shares the classic beauty of traditional rugs and the refreshing vibe of a modern rug, a transitional rug can adapt itself to any trend and style. There is no reason to go with a short lived fad, if you can opt for something which is there to stay.

Quartzo 24960 Lt Blue

Made with 50% Viscose 50% Polyester, this transitional rug from our collection can instantly spruce up any outdated interior space. The best way to brighten up a dull looking interior is to use a transitional rug that has a unique mix of colors as a focal point for the room. Whether set in between plain white cushioned arm chairs, or in a bedroom with neutral color scheme, this transitional rug will surely breathe new life into your home.

Transitional rugs offers an easy way to update a traditional interior.

Does your home feel too dull or outdated? Do you feel like it is in need of a bit of sprucing up? If yes, then a transitional rug might just be the answer to your home decorating woes. A transitional rug offers a quick and easy fix to turn that drab space into an area beaming with color and life. Simply choose a piece with a hint of color to brighten up boring interiors with old wood finishes, furniture and decor.

61094 Handmade Bamboo Silk

Geared towards a more contemporary design with its linear pattern, this hand knotted rug made with bamboo silk is perfect for any home, whether it may be traditional, transitional, contemporary or modern.

With its beige, ivory tones and gold accents, this rug can also fit into any color scheme and suits most material finishes. A truly worth it investment for your collection.

Transitional rugs work with many interior styles.

As mentioned, transitional rugs are the only rugs which combine traditional and modern influences, which means they can work their way into any theme, motif, period or interior style - whether it may be classic, rustic, country, Scandinavian, shabby chic, holly glam, vintage, contemporary, mid century modern and many more.

Transitional rugs are also prized for their versatility. Although transitional rugs are more commonly used in modern settings, you will be surprised at how well they work with a variety of spaces. More and more homeowners and drawn to their unique ability to blend into any type of space. The design possibilities it offers are endless, since it is not bound to one specific design style alone, but instead it bridges the gap between traditional and modern home decor.

52293b Modern Rug

Bring balance into your space with this one of a kind,  hand-knotted, wool and bamboo silk contemporary rug from India. The beauty of this rug is that it has the perfect transition of light and dark colors which is naturally achieved due to the nature of its material composition. Also taking inspiration from the classic medallion motif, the subtle design of this transitional rug produces an overall "softness" and  beauty that isn't too overpowering in a space.

Transitional rugs can bring balance to a space, can help anchor the decor or set the ground for your color scheme.

Transitional rugs can help you achieve several aesthetic attributes for your space, whether it may be to create balance, blend, contrast, accentuate a feature or create a focal point. A transitional rug can also help set the tone and mood for your home. For example, if you want  create a more warm and inviting atmosphere, opt for a rug with earth colors, while if you want to create a relaxing ambiance and laid back vibe, choose a transitional rug with subtle prints and a refreshing scheme. Alternatively, if you want to ground your color palette, you can also use a transitional rug as a guide to cohesively tie the colors and finishes for your furniture, furnishings and accessories.

Transitional rugs also helps bring balance to an interior setting, as it projects elegance and sophistication, while also delivering comfort and coziness.

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