Top Tips for Choosing the Right Area Rug for Your Room

A well-chosen area rug doesn't just provide warmth, comfort, and cushioning for a room—it also enhances the overall design of the room and helps to create a connection and flow between the rooms of a home.  It's like a functional piece of artwork for the floor that can be the finishing touch on a well-balanced space.

For all these reasons, choosing the right area rug, one that is both durable and decorative, can be a daunting prospect. Here are some tips on how to make sure you make the right choice.

1. Look at the Big Picture:

There are many ways to decorate a room, and decorators often suggest that you start with the rug and base your wall colors, accessories, and furnishings on the rug. This is great if you are starting with an empty room, but if you are adding a rug to a room that is already decorated, you need to consider the overall scheme and look for a rug that will fit into what you have put in place. Remember, you can always change the paint, throw pillows, and art to work more cohesively with an area rug that you absolutely fall in love with.

2. Be Consistent with Your Design:

The rug will be the focal point of the room, and that is why decorators often start with the rug when designing the room. Whether the look you desire or the room you already have is contemporary, geometric, or traditional, subdued or bold and colorful, you will want to choose a rug that is consistent with this design. Going in a direction that is different from the room's design plan will be jarring. Don't be afraid to ask a rug expert for help in this important design decision.

3. Remember the Area Rug Rule:

While the dimensions of the rug will vary, depending on the room that you are decorating, the general rule of thumb is that it should be no less than 6 inches and no more than 2 feet from the four walls. However, the design and shape of a room can all affect the size of a rug. For instance, in a doorway or hallway, try to match the size of the space closely. In a foyer, center the rug in the room. Furniture in small or narrow spaces should either be completely on the rug or off it.  Round rugs can work well in smaller rooms.

4. Use Your Area Rug to Define and Carve the Space:

An area rug shouldn't just be put in a room to fill it—it can also be used to define it. This is an especially helpful concept in very large rooms that need to be warmed up. You don't want a rug too small for a space - it's better to have two rugs to divide and conquer. Gathering chairs and a couch around an area rug in a great room can create a cozy conversation space. You can use an area rug to carve off a space for a home office in a bedroom or living room. Think of an area rug as a way to create a space within a space.

5. Make the Area Rug Work with the Furnishings:

An area rug needs to merge seamlessly with the furnishings, and that should inform the size of the run. In a living room, you should be able to center the coffee table on the area rug and get at least the front legs of the furniture on the rug. In the bedroom, you can run the rug alongside or in front of the bed. In the dining room, you want ample room for both table and chairs, making sure that diners won't scoot off the rug when they pull back from the table. Think of the traffic areas and furniture layout when choosing the size of your area rug.

6. Make Room for an Area Rug in Your Budget:

Don't let an area rug be an afterthought in your overall decoration budget for a room. A rug should be given as much of a portion of the budget as the furnishings, as it's often the largest and most visible element of a room. A high quality rug will be durable and long-lasting, so get the very best quality rug you can afford and you will enjoy its beauty for years to come.

Taking the time to plan well for your rug purchase will ensure that you have an area rug that will bring joy, pleasure, and beauty to your home for many years. For the finest in high quality Persian and synthetic area rugs, view the The Rug Warehouse website, call us at 310-838-0450 or visit our Los Angeles showroom today.