Oriental Rugs

Rug making as an industry has thrived not only in the West, but also in the East. Originally, rugs were hand-made, mostly as a home-based industry. Later, machine-made rugs emerged with more designs and varieties.

Oriental Rugs come in Geometric patterns or simple designs, bright colors or light tones, which can make every room in your house beautiful.

The important factors to keep in mind when purchasing an oriental rug are:

i. Since these are costly, the exact size which you require must be measured first.

ii. The quality of rugs depends on the knots woven per square inch. If the knots per square inch are higher, the rug is of better quality.

Oriental rugs are durable and environment-friendly. These are hand made and each strand is hand stretched to provide greater strength and consistency. The two types of knots used in making oriental rugs are The symmetrical Turkish knot or the asymmetrical Persian knot. Horizontal looms are used to weave smaller rugs and vertical looms to weave larger ones. The time for completion varies with the size of the rug. Since oriental rugs are costly, all your needs must be assessed properly before you buy one.

Beautiful But Expensive:

For several reasons, Oriental rugs can be acclaimed as the "queen of rugs". Due to their cost and finest texture, Oriental Rugs have always been a "royal choice". Since the early days when they were manufactured, they have been adorning palaces, bungalows, and posh houses. They seem to spell magic all around with their majesty and uniqueness.