New Generation, New Look for Rug Warehouse on View at WestEdge Design Fair

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SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- Nora Haroonian, a proud fourth-generation leader of the Los Angeles-based Rug Warehouse, highlighted a variety of indoor designs at the company's debut at the recent WestEdge Design Fair.
"We are a family-run business and we literally hand-pick every single piece that we bring into our showroom. We are better known for the one-of-a-kind stuff, Turkish Persian over-dyes, Turkish antiques, hand-knotted antiques, etc. But for this show we are showcasing our contemporary side," said Haroonian, who took the helm of the family business and is now working alongside her father George.

Wool & Silk's Erbil Tezcan transforms an abstract painting by a Turkish artist  into a contemporary area rug commissioned by The Rug Warehouse & More. 

Haroonian chose to showcase hand-knotted wool and silk customizable rugs, giving designers the capability and flexibility to create the exact size, design and even fiber of a rug so that will fit perfectly into their design spaces. 
"We hope to reach the high-end designers here, but we are also a public showroom, so we appreciate any and all kinds of customer base. We are happy to welcome anybody and everybody into our physical showroom, because we know that they will find something that will work for them," assured Haroonian.
Rug Warehouse centered its display around a Wool & Silk hand-knotted Nepalese rug, created by Erbil Tezcan, based on the work of a Turkish designer, which is unique and exclusive to the showroom. While Haroonian would not reveal the designers name, she said they have a long-standing relationship with the designer and expect to carry many more creations of this caliber.

The Rug Warehouse is known for unique designs, such as these colorful art pieces displayed at the 2016 WestEdge Design Fair in Santa Monica.

"This year is all about color and you can get that from us," Haroonian added. "We want to show people that the rug can be the centerpiece of the room. You don't need to just make it the floor mat. It can be the anchor of your home, and the statement piece in the room." 
In addition to introducing the company's newest styles and design trends, participating at West Edge was also about reinforcing the continuity of the business.   

The Rug Warehouse & More introduces new textures for designers on the hunt for on-point fashion.

For those consumers who are fans of up-cycling, Rug Warehouse has also introduced what Haroonian calls "green" carpets. The recycled rugs are acid-washed and re-colored to reinvent the textures and colors, which gives new life to what would have been "throw-away" carpets, she explained.