Here's how you can set the mood of your space with flat-weave rugs!

Flat-weave rugs are one of the most popular area rug choices to furnish your homes with. They comprise of a thin, non-piled base that requires minimal maintenance, and is extremely lightweight. Furthermore, the wide variety of available designs along with the reversable profile makes them a complete hit with both designers and amateurs!

Now, not many people know this, but an area rug can make or break the mood of your space especially the type of area rug. This is why flat-weaves have become so iconic. They're relatively inexpensive, and available in so many amazing colors, patterns, textures, sizes, and styles that you can probably furnish any kind of interior design with them! Let's take a look at all the ways you can set the mood of your space by using flat-weave rugs:

Emulate Whimsy

Since flat-weave rugs are available in such a huge variety of colors, you can easily find a palette that can create a whimsical mood in your interior designs. The plethora of light colors mixed with brighter hues can make a space seem absolutely fantastic. Such flat-weave rugs suit both contemporary and classical ambiances quite well. They can even be used in a playful eclectic or boho-chic space. The Oversized Kilim Rug in this image is a total classic if you want a whimsical mood in your homes. Its careful combination of jewel-and-pastel tones enchants with a fanciful aura that'll instantly become a big hit!

Articulate Tradition

If your tastes run the gamut of bold and elaborate, then of course you can find a flat-weave rug to satisfy that visual palette. The thin wool formation of such rugs makes them infinitely more durable then authentic orientals. The traditional European Moldova Old Kilim rug featured here is one of the best pieces you'll find in the flat-weave genre. The crafty emulation of culture and boldness in its design can transform your spaces into something totally out of this world. Its large size acts like a filled-out canvas for all your traditional dreams.

Be Contemporary

Mood making is an art form, and if you want to spice up your modern spaces with graceful hints of contemporary, then a flat-weave rug can definitely help you get those results. The evocative aura and simple designing of such area rugs can add pizzazz to your homes. The Turkish Kilim rug featured in this image is one such option. Its understated palette is woven into a stylish contemporary design that is sure to brighten up the mood of your space with the epitome of understated elegance!

Create Casualness

If you appreciate informal tones and casual ambiances, then you can certainly find a flat-weave rug to articulate that aesthetic. In fact, flat-weaves are renowned for being casually interesting. The ones with simple designs are the ones that have the most impact on your space. If you want to set the mood of your space in that format, then take a look at the Ruby Andaz rug in this image. It's been handcrafted in a Lori-Loom, is double-sided, and combines the soft textures of cotton chenille yarns. The gorgeous combination of southwestern stripes against a backdrop of red will definitely infuse your homes with a pleasantly informal mood.

A Modern Pioneer

Modernism is definitely a mood in its own right. It features an understated, restrained color-material-texture palette filled with natural hues and organic tones. If you're looking for a rug to complement the casual luxury and sophistication of such an ambiance, then introducing contrast with a trendy flat-weave can help you set the right mood. The rug in this image is a gorgeous combination of asymmetric geometry translated in a down-to-earth palette. It's the perfect way to spice up the outlook of a wholly modern ambiance!

Be Eccentric

If you like to make a statement with your home interiors, then finding a flat-weave rug to complement your aesthetics is definitely going to help you. Brightly colored area rugs of this genre have a bold, eccentric appeal that looks especially charming in eclectic, and contemporary style spaces. The Gashgai Kilim featured in this image is a great option if you're searching for a statement-worthy flat-weave. Handcrafted in bright colors, it's brimming with style and personality that is sure to add unfettered charisma to your spaces!

Go Bohemian

If you want to make your spaces feel charming, organic, and naturally appealing a la the boho-chic style, then a flat-weave rug can help you achieve that mood! You'll just have to find one that features experimental patterns and bright colors mixed with earthy undertones. The Hand-Made Turkish flat-weave in this image is the perfect articulation of the trendy boho-chic aesthetic. It'll definitely help you create the right aura with its playful, multicolored weave and retro visuals!

Be bold with patterns

Flat-weave rugs with bold, simple, contemporary patterns can help create a stylish yet sophisticated mood in your spaces. The trick is to find a pattern that is extremely straight-laced and plain instead of elaborate and complicated. The achromatic rug featured in this image is an excellent choice if you want to attain this particular aesthetic. It's trendy blend of angles and fashionable patterning can infuse your spaces with a bold, eye-catching appeal!

So, this is how you can attain the right mood in your spaces by selecting the right flat-weave rug. As you can see the choices are quite limitless in this genre, and we hope you can now get a better idea on which one to pick according to the ambiance you're trying to create!