8 Decor Elements That Bring Out The Best In Your Area Rugs!

Area rugs have always been an essential part of a good interior design ambiance. They bring out the best of your floor materials and help add some pizzazz to the whole setting. However, all of this would be completely moot if the rug does not fit well with the décor elements and furnishings. So further, we'll be looking at 8 interior décor elements and furniture pieces that bring out the best in your area rugs!

1. A Coffee Table

It's safe to assume that the area rug is always the pièce de résistance of a living room, but it would never truly have the same effect if not for the coffee table. Together, these two elements make the perfect living room centerpieces. One always complements the other, so you can definitely make your interiors stand out by creating the best dichotomy of these two décor elements. Just one thumb rule to remember: the texture of the area rug must make the material of the coffee table stand out. This gorgeous contemporary wool rug would be the perfect choice to contrast your living room coffee table.

2. A Sideboard/Buffet

Buffet's or sideboards are used to accessorize plain walls. They are a type of credenza that really help set the mood of an interior design. However, their placement never looks truly complete until and unless they have a complementary area rug splayed in front of them. This is because sideboards usually have shelves and cabinets filled with personal accessories and set up with décor. Area rugs provide a good crouching place to simply sit down and sift through all these shelves whenever you need something. This amazing ivory/red rug is definitely going to bring out the best of your sideboard. You can even put some floor cushions on it to evoke a sense of comfort.

3. Footboard Accessories & Furniture

The footboard of your bed provides a great decorative opportunity to play with area rugs and accessories. You can opt to place either a matching sofa-bed, chaise lounge or even a rustic trunk at the foot of your bed, but it's actually the area rug at the base that will help you complete the whole look. Of course, the design, color scheme and pattern of this rug mush complement and match the accessory you've actually chosen, but overall, it's a pretty versatile idea to give your bedrooms a holistic touch. This amazing multi-colored traditional rug is going to complement all sorts of footboard accessories and make your bedrooms the epitome of trendy.

4. Accent Chair

An accent chair is one of those evergreen furniture pieces that can bring out the best in any interior design. Since they're usually done up in contrasting colors and textures as compared to the overall interior design, they tend to stand out. But did you know that pairing it with an area rug can complement its individuality? A nice rug with a contrasting texture of its own can certainly complement the placement and overall visuals of an accent chair quite well. You simply have to ensure that their materials are sufficiently disparate to get the best out of this deal. This lush, pily rug is definitely going to bring the best out of your accent chair!

5. Indoor Swings

Fashionable indoor swings are the perfect décor item to be complemented by an area rug. There are so many types of indoor swings the playground version, the rectangular-porch version, the suspended round version, etc. and you can match each type with a specific rug style. The suspended ones can be complemented with a round rug at the base, and the porch style ones can be furnished with a gorgeous rectangular one that is slightly larger in size. You can even match or contrast the color scheme of the swing with the area rug for a more wholesome effect. If you've got a small swing in your home, then this round, shag-style area rug would make a plush grounding for its base!

6. Study Desks

Home offices and studies are a rising interior design trend now that working from home is becoming more and more common. They usually comprise of study desks inbuilt or otherwise and a stylish, comfortable chair with a bookshelf in tow. This collection of furniture works pretty well, but it's actually the area rug that makes it seem cohesive. Most of such settings are pretty bland, so a colorful rug as a centerpiece can work wonders. This particular hand-knotted Afghani rug features a beautiful blend of bright and dull colors along with a rich texture that will make any study room look positively gorgeous.

7. Bookshelves

Whether you're a prized collector or a compulsive reader, everyone has at least one feature bookshelf in their homes. Now you an decorate it in the most attractive of ways, but it's still going to look incomplete without a nice, stylish foreground of an area rug. A simple bookcase with a plain floor in front is going to look totally incomplete. On the other hand, furnishing the front with a rug will make the whole aesthetic look holistic and complete. You can even go the extra mile and set up a plush accent chair on top of it. We're sure that this Lamb Skin Martiz area rug would make your bookshelves look even cozier!

8. Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are a trendy alternative to heavier décor items, but they tend to look quite lonesome if not paired with a couple of requisite accessories. An area rug is definitely one of them. You can match the style and color scheme of the rug to the finish of the floor lamp. This accompaniment will beautify the whole look and make it seem wholesome at the same time. You can also pair it up with other matching accessories like end-tables, vases and ottomans for a cluster-effect. This kilim-style polypropylene rug is versatile enough to suit any floor lamp finish, and can definitely add some character to your spaces.

These are a few décor items and furnishings that can be used in tandem with area rugs to give your interior designs a polished look. Each item has a specific aesthetic, but they all look pretty good when paired with the right area rug.