Enjoying the Best of Modern and Traditional Design with Transitional and Contemporary Rugs

Left : Derbyshire Silver
Right : Art III Limited

Do you want the timelessness of a traditional rug but also love the compelling lively presence  of a contemporary one? Well, we have just the right rug to add that most desired aesthetic appeal to your home. Transitional rugs combine the traditional and modern - toning down the bold colors and mixing it traditional motifs to produce just the perfect mix of subtle beauty and quiet strength. By mixing this two  together, your decor will never go out out style. Why go with a short lived fad, when you can enjoy the best of both worlds with a long lasting style?

Before "rugging up" your home's interior, it is beneficial to know a number of basics in rug styles and decorating. Read on to know the difference between a transitional and contemporary rug and what makes them stand out from the rest.

What is a Transitional Rug and a Contemporary Rug?

More or less, we all have a general grasp of what the word transitional means, but when it comes to rug styles, what does it really refer to? Overall, a transitional rug falls somewhere in between a traditional and a contemporary rug. It is a fusion of both styles - taking inspiration from a traditional rug and then injecting with a modern twist. It adapts traditional motifs and colors, then tones it down to a more casual style by rearranging the design without deviating much from traditional rugs.

With inspiration coming from traditional rugs, the designs of transitional rugs commonly make use of repetitive motifs and patterns. These patterns are usually composed of geometric shapes, floral, leaves and stripes. Unlike contemporary rugs which usually have bold shapes and loud colors, transitional rugs are more subdued and mellow. Overall, they are more muted and soft patterned. Colors are mostly neutrals, although there are some rugs which come in more lively hues.

Vintage Moroccan Berber Rug - Transitional Rug

Made only from the finest wool in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, this exquisite transitional rug is a true rare find. With a unique tribal pattern of geometric motifs and versatile neutral colors, this rug can easily serve as an accent piece for any space. Also, white and gray goes with almost anything, so incorporating it in the existing design style of your house is easy.

A contemporary rug, on the other hand, is inclined towards the modern style. Generally characterized by bold patterns and bright colors, contemporary rugs are often used for informal house styles. However it also comes in more subtle patterns such as stripes, solid colors and neutrals which can also work well with minimalist interiors and monochromatic color palettes. From soft to hard patterns, subdued to vivid colors, contemporary rugs can be used to create a stunning contrast in decor or to harmoniously blend with the overall style of any space.

Unlike traditional rugs which usually have an Eastern origin, contemporary rugs are more "western" when it comes to their designs. It is more diverse and variegated compared to classical styles which stick to motifs and a "medallion" inspired pattern flow. The patterns for contemporary rugs are commonly composed of lines, geometric shapes or free form elements.  The designs are more up to date and trendy. Some contemporary rugs are also more experimental when it comes to their patterns. Asymmetrical patterns, abstracts and other quirky elements are prevalent in this type of rug. There are also some contemporary rugs which look like creative pieces of artwork, possessing a very unique look which makes them distinct from the conventional rug designs.

Contemporary rugs are best used for current spaces and trendy interiors found in lofts, apartments, condominiums and modern houses. They are also perfect complements for homes with eclectic styles and the perfect choices for homeowners who are fun, quirky, experimental, creative and prefer a "one of a kind" style.

ART II LIMITED - Contemporary Rug

What you're looking at is a rug, not a painting. At a quick glance, this rug design can fool you, boasting of its bright abstract patterns that resembles a marvelous art piece in a gallery. It warm vibrant colors with dynamic abstract patterns will surely bring your room to life. This contemporary rug is made with a combination of handspun wool and silk in Nepal. Designed by famed designer E. Tezcan, distributed exclusively by The Rug Warehouse.

Getting the Best of Both Worlds with Transitional Rugs

Each rug type is unique from the other, offering different characters and moods to a space. While all rugs are considered to be an integral part of home decor, what makes a transitional rug stand out from the rest?

Aside from primarily giving life and adding color to a space, there are a number of added benefits to using a transitional rug. Below we help you explore these positive attributes to help you determine if transitional rugs are the best for your home.

Transitional rugs are versatile.

Transitional rugs are a favorite because it goes well with any type of space, any room and any interior design inspiration, whether it may be a traditional home, a modern style room or a themed interior. Its versatility is one of its prized attributes, putting no limit to the design possibilities it offers as it is not tied into one specific design style.

MIchelle PF Area Rug

Hand spun and hand knotted to perfection in India and made only with finest wool, this transitional rug offers nothing but the best quality. With its soft gray and ivory colors, this area rug can go well with any color scheme for your house. Its look is balanced with a contemporary vibe using a simple yet eye catching geometric pattern. This transitional rug design is very versatile as it can be used to lend a quiet strength in modern interiors or to tie up a traditional inspired room, without overwhelming the space.

Transitional rugs are timeless.

Rugs are also one of the longer lasting pieces of home accessory that you will be putting in your home. Aside from that, it is also probably one of the most costly. So it is important to choose a rug that will stand through the test of time -- one that is at par with the current trend, but will still never go out of style for the years to come. The perfect solution to that is to go with a transitional rug for your home.

Transitional rugs offer a timeless look - one that is guaranteed to last for years no matter what the fad may be.

Wool and Silk Rug

This marvelous hand knotted rug is made from wool and silk with a low textured weave. Subtle hues of blue and gray are combined with a toned down rendition of the classic "Fleur de Lis" motif, producing a timeless pattern and look that will surely stand the test of time. We can guarantee you that whether in the coming 10 or more years, this rug can still harmoniously blend with your house's interior no matter what its prevailing style may be.

Transitional rugs offer a variety of designs to choose from.

Transitional rugs offer diversity in colors, shapes and pattern, ranging from solid colors to vivid hues and mellow stripes to tasteful patterns.

The unique patterns and colors of a transitional rug usually come in three general categories, namely: solid colors, neutrals and patterned. Solid colors are rugs with plain or monochromatic colors. This is a perfect match for patterned furniture or to match accent pieces (such as throw pillows) in a sofa. Solid color rugs are good for grounding furniture pieces and for tying up a color palette by functioning as the "secondary color" for a space's interior scheme. Solid color rugs are good complements for furniture pieces which are printed because they make the space overwhelming. Another category is the neutrals. Neutral rugs usually come in classic colors such as whites, beiges, grays, taupe, browns and black. This type of rug pattern and color is highly suitable for layering patterns, colors and textures. Most designers consider this as the "perfect canvas" for displaying decor and furniture pieces for your home. It offers a solid foundation for building a balanced and well composed design. This can be used for "blending" rather than "contrasting". The last category is the patterned rug, characterized by prints and other artistic designs. A patterned rug usually displays motifs and other elements such as flowers, leaves, geometrical shapes, lines and forms. This type of rug may be used to bring a bold accent to a space as it draws the eyes to the floor. A patterned rug is also suitable for furniture pieces with plain or solid colors.

Left: Aniston Jennifer Handcrafted Rug
Center: Nepalese Rug
Right : Sunset Taupe

Transitional rugs are available in a variety of patterns which you can explore depending on the look you want to achieve for your home. With the diversity of choices, mixing and matching design would be the least of your worries. All these patterns are available in our stunning collection of Transitional Rugs at the Rug Warehouse.

Transitional rugs bring balance to a space.

Since a transitional rug is the perfect balance of traditional and contemporary style, it also radiates the same balance in the mood and beauty it renders to a space. It combines elegance and stylishness with cozy and comfortable ambiance, making spaces more warm and inviting.

Endure Rug

Balance off the look of your home with the mellow refreshing color of baby blue using our Endure rug. With its soft geometric patterns that lends an appealing visual impact, this rug is set to make the perfect statement in your room. Also, the beauty of this rug is that it uses the innovative Lori Loom weave and reverse dye procedure which makes the rug reversible, with each side showing the opposite color of the other. You get two patterns for the price of one, that's a great deal!

Transitional rugs are a perfect match for most interior finishes.

The beauty of using transitional rugs is that aside from creating a stunning accent feature for your home, it also blends well with any interior finishes. Transitional rugs are perfect complements for natural finishes like wood and stones such as granite and marble.

They make neutral floorings pop out more and can harmoniously blend with tasteful classic and modern furniture pieces and decor.

Endure Rug in Brown Gold

This beautiful transitional rug has a tribal inspired and geometric pattern which will surely bring any room to life. With its elegant brown and gold colors, this area rug is set to radiate sophistication and add warmth to a space. It is the perfect complement to hardwood floors as it makes it pop out more while contributing to the natural coziness of wood.