7 Area Rugs Eclectic Enough To Befit The Contemporary Style!

Rugs are to an interior design as clothes are to fashion. They're available in so many different styles, patterns, cuts and textures that sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming to determine which one looks best with what type of an interior style. The right rug can help create the mood within a space and sometimes, you can even customize them a little to suit your personal aesthetic.

Now, the contemporary style is evergreen and ever-evolving. Keeping up with the latest-greatest trends can be a challenge, but there are certain types of rugs that can lend this style a timeless, classic look. From age-worn, threadbare patinas to eclectic shags, there are a number of rug styles you can try to bring out the best in your contemporary interiors. Today, we'll be featuring some of the best ones. Let's take a look:

1. Hand Knotted Orchid Wood Nepalian Rug

The best thing about contemporary interiors is that there is always a little room to be experimental. If slick, straight-laced and geometric patterned rugs are not your forte, then why not opt for stunning abstracts? This gorgeous hand knotted rug epitomizes beauty and grace. Its mauve color scheme is littered with stylistic arabesques and an understated patina that can only be captured with the best quality materials. Made from handspun wool and 50% silk, can you imagine what an excellent accent piece it would make for your floors in a contemporary style living room? In between all the clean lines, sophisticated furniture and neutral hues, this rug would be a subtle ode of jewel-toned accents that would artfully contrast the whole ambiance.

2. Antique Turkish Handmade Flatweave Rug

Plaids are back in style, and what better to design your contemporary interiors in then a flatweave rug with this pattern?

There is always a little bit of eclectic in every contemporary style interior design, and a stylish, plaid accent rug can definitely be a trendy way to introduce it. This antique Turkish flatweave rug is handmade, and boasts a plethora of multi-colors that would make really beautiful centerpieces in contemporary interiors. You can splay it at the foot of your bed, set it up under the coffee table of your living room, or even use it in the foyer.

3. Abstract Geometric Cowhide Rug

Sometimes, a little bit of geometry and mirror-absract's are all you need to spruce up your contemporary style interiors, and using area rugs to do so is a great way to go about it. Here's an authentic cowhide rug that has been handmade in Argentina. It's soft, supple and the materials have been sourced in the eco-friendliest ways. It would add a lot of understated elegance and a subtle aura of luxury to any contemporary style interior design it's set up in. you can make it a centerpiece in your living rooms, or even furnish it in your modern home offices/studies.

4. Matador Rose Colored Rug

Rugs don't always have to be large or boldly patterned to make a huge impression. In fact, they can be small in size and understated in appeal, yet still deliver on visual quality. Similar is the case with this Matador Rose colored area rug. Inspired from Moorish landscapes and gorgeous art, this small area rug delivers some of the most attractive visuals you'll ever see. But the best part? You can easily set it up in spaces that are on the smaller side of contemporary. These include personal alcoves, book nooks, stylish reading areas. You can even splay it at the entrance to your kitchen or in front of your bathroom vanity.

5. Multicolored Old Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs belong to the Oriental-Persian category, and one might argue that they cannot be suited for a modern contemporary style interior. However, we'd like to disagree. Once again, the traditional, beautifully colored and eclectic aesthetic of such a rug can be used to introduce some much-needed contrast in a contemporary ambiance. This multicolored kilim rug, especially, is made from flat wool and features a stunning blend of dark and vivacious color-tones. It would make an excellent focal point in a sleek, open floor plan. You can even set it up in a sun-room, or as the focal point of your dining areas.

6. Maggie-Rapt Shag Rug

Shag rugs are the epitome of contemporary, and this cream-ivory layer of fluffiness is perfect to add some tactile contrast to your spaces. They're downy and usually comprise of thick piles of yarn that is absolutely heavenly to stand on. This one is especially going to look stunning when you lay it down as a centerpiece in your living rooms, bedrooms and even kitchens. It will add a versatile quality to your ambiance and tie it all neatly together in a cohesive, wholesome and holistic manner.

7. Afghani Kilim Runner

Runners are long, elongated and usually furnished in extended lobbies and narrow corridors in a home. So, if your house has simple, minimalist contemporary corridors then you can opt for this gorgeous Afghani Kilim Runner to add a little bit of personality and a lot of charisma to it. You can also set it up in kitchens that have a lengthy, parallel style layout. The gorgeous color and texture of this runner would look extremely stunning in contrast to the sleek surfaces used in a contemporary kitchen.

So, these are some of the most unconventional and stand-out rug choices that can breathe life into your contemporary style interior designs. We hope we help you find one that suits your needs.