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7 Area Rugs Eclectic Enough To Befit The Contemporary Style!

By: The Rug Warehouse

Rugs are to an interior design as clothes are to fashion. They're available in so many different styles, patterns, cuts and textures that sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming to determine which one looks best with what type of an interior style. The right rug can help create the mood within a space and sometimes, you can even customize them a little to suit your personal aesthetic.

Now, the contemporary style is evergreen and ever-evolving. Keeping up with the latest-greatest trends can be a challenge, but there are certain types of rugs that can lend this style a timeless, classic look. From age-worn, threadbare patinas to eclectic shags, there are a number of rug styles you can try to bring out the best in your contemporary interiors. Today, we'll be featuring some of the best ones. Let's take a look: