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A Closer Look on Kilim Rugs

By: The Rug Warehouse

Kilims are widely loved for their eye catching designs which enhance the look of spaces. Even the drabbest looking room can instantly turn into a lively haven when it meets the striking patterns and vivid color palettes of an exquisite Kilim rug. But more than what meets the eye, lies the true tale of beauty of Kilims.

Below we explore the history of kilims and what makes these interior decors so special.

Enjoying the Best of Modern and Traditional Design with Transitional and Contemporary Rugs

By: The Rug Warehouse

Do you want the timelessness of a traditional rug but also love the compelling lively presence  of a contemporary one? Well, we have just the right rug to add that most desired aesthetic appeal to your home. Transitional rugs combine the traditional and modern - toning down the bold colors and mixing it traditional motifs to produce just the perfect mix of subtle beauty and quiet strength. By mixing this two  together, your decor will never go out out style. Why go with a short lived fad, when you can enjoy the best of both worlds with a long lasting style?