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A Guide to the Top Styles of Fine Rugs

By: The Rug Warehouse

A fine rug is the finishing touch to beautify your home. When you have taken the time to choose an exquisite rug, its beauty will serve to accentuate and reflect the elegance of its surroundings. It is as much an investment piece as it is an item of decoration. Because only the most luxurious fibers, such as wool and silk, are used in its creation, it will wear beautifully, easily standing the test of time. Working with a knowledgeable rug expert is the key to ensuring that you are getting a gorgeous showpiece that will blend perfectly with your lifestyle and home decor.
The History of Antique Rugs

By: The Rug Warehouse

Hand-woven and hand-knotted by expert artisans of centuries past, antique rugs combine luxurious natural fibers and a wide range of hues with evocative motifs that speak to the geographical surroundings, and societal and individual aspirations of their creators. And when adorning your home, these accessible, decorative artifacts confer their rich history and beauty to every room they grace.

An authentic antique Oriental rug is a handmade carpet that is either knotted with pile or woven without pile. These rugs originate in what is known as the "Rug Belt" which encompasses a broad geographical region, extending from China in the east, to Turkey and Iran in the west, to the Caucasus in the north, and India in the south.