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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Area Rug for Your Room

By: The Rug Warehouse

A well-chosen area rug doesn't just provide warmth, comfort, and cushioning for a room—it also enhances the overall design of the room and helps to create a connection and flow between the rooms of a home.  It's like a functional piece of artwork for the floor that can be the finishing touch on a well-balanced space.
The History and Care of Fine Shag Carpets

By: Ellen Gross

You may think the shag rug is an invention of the bohemian 1960s, but the history of the shag rug goes back into ancient history. The shag rug's origins have been traced to the Middle East and Central Asia, where they graced palatial homes and more modest digs alike. Its development has also been connected to Ancient Greece, where the first shaggy rugs were crafted from goat hair and known as Flotaki rugs. They were highly valued by both kings and peasants for their warmth and comfort.