About The Rug Warehouse

The Haroonian family has brought style and affordability to the rug trade for over a century. Inspired by the integrity of his late grandfather, George Haroonian runs The Rug Warehouse as a trusted modern business that fits the moods of the times. He also knows how to use a rug to change the mood of your room.

Our Story

You might say that the Haroonians have been called on the carpet all our lives. For more than a century - starting in the major textile and rug-weaving hub of Kashan, Iran - the rug trade has been our family business. Kashan is world-renowned for the quality of its wool rugs, and as the source of the famed Mohtasham carpets woven in the 19th century. 

Kashan is also where our grandfather, the late Hadji Yahouda Haroonian, was renowned as a master in the field of high-quality rugs. Here he began acquiring and manufacturing fine rugs in 1912, and went on to export his personally selected pieces to Europe, North America, and Japan. Our grandfather operated with values of integrity and quality that remain with us today in our American business. Our grandfather must have known that America would be part of our journey - and that our father would follow in his footsteps - because he left a place called The West Coast to him, and to us. 

Our grandfather knew how to read moods: the mood of the times (he lived through some interesting ones), the mood of his customers, and how a single rug could change the mood of the rooms in which they lived. Like our grandfather, we understand the importance of mood. 

And like him, we have a preference for tradition and craftsmanship. We want hand-knotted rugs made of natural colors and fibers, not those that are mass-produced by machines. That’s why the Rug Warehouse offers our very popular Natural Collection - breathtaking hand-spun pieces made in Afghanistan - exclusively available through our store. 

To make these special rugs, weavers use natural dyestuffs derived from native plants, vegetables, and insects. Their goal is to recreate the palette used by Mughal court artisans who lived three centuries before, and their handiwork is a true marvel. We share our love for this art, and the incredible moods it can create, with designers, exclusive department stores, filmmakers, individual collectors and textile lovers from all over the world.  

We mentioned that our grandfather understood the mood of the times. He always knew what his clients were looking for, and when it was a sale. Knowing the times in which we live, we are now holding a sale. 

As a family, we are proud to celebrate the centennial of our engagement in the rug trade. We hope our grandfather would be pleased with our commitment to integrity and value, the beauty and quality of the art we trade and sell, and our skill at knowing how a rug can match a mood.

Our showroom

The Rug Warehouse showroom presents our comprehensive selection of high-quality rugs and carpeting for residential and commercial design. If you bring us a mood you would like to convey - bold, classy, relaxed, or chic - we’ll tap into our generations of experience to find the perfect rug for the feeling. 

We have abundant inventory, and an almost unlimited selection of made-to-order and customizable designs. As needed, we may engage our strong direct relationships with rug manufacturers to ensure the best possible service for our valued clients.

Don’t take our word for it - visit us! We would be happy to host you at our longtime showroom in the Helms Bakery District. Full disclosure: we will try to tempt you with some beautiful designs. 

Design and architecture firms can schedule a dedicated appointment by emailing hello@therugwarehouse.com. You may also call our showroom at 310-838-0450.

Our team

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George Haroonian

As a 3rd generation Oriental rug expert, Mr. Haroonian has operated The Rug Warehouse since 1976. He has overseen its growth from a traditional business to a more modern one, while preserving the original values of integrity and quality that were instilled by his grandfather back in Iran.

Mr. Haroonian has traveled extensively to source rugs and to stay current on the latest designs and trends from around the world. In addition to guiding customers on a quest for the perfect rug for their home, commercial project, or a movie set, George has acted as advisor to financial and art institutions in buying and restoring rugs.

Throughout his career, Mr. Haroonian has also been active in local community affairs, with a mission of creating understanding and tolerance among people from various backgrounds. Over the years, he has been a board member and president of several community organizations and ran a community magazine. He was a founding member of the Southern California Rug Dealers Association.

Beyond his business and community commitments, George enjoys travelling locally as well as internationally and spending time with his family.


Nora Haroonian

Nora Haroonian took position as Vice President of The Rug Warehouse & More in 2013, after earning her Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, and minor in Film, Television, and Media Studies at Loyola Marymount University. Nora is a dynamic member of the team as she is not only the Manager of the showroom, but her duties expand to: attending trade shows to pick out new collections for the store, maintaining the website and social media accounts, and also working directly with customers as a salesperson. She is a key figure in growing The Rug Warehouse's Trade Program, which includes meeting and dealing with Interior Designers, Architects, Set Decorators, and other members of the Trade. Nora also curates all the music that plays in the showroom!

On her spare time, Nora is an avid reader, traveler, and film/music fanatic. She enjoys exploring art museums, learning about all cultures of the world, and spending time with friends and family. 


Antonio Lovera

With over two decades of experience, I am a seasoned professional excelling in sales management, customer service, shipping logistics, and marketing. Renowned as a rug specialist, I bring an exceptional understanding of rug origins, materials, and care techniques to guide clients in preserving the longevity and beauty of their rugs. Throughout my journey, I have been dedicated to delivering outstanding customer experiences and have played a pivotal role in crafting impactful marketing strategies. My passion for excellence and unwavering commitment to my roles have not only cultivated lasting client relationships but have also contributed to the growth of the industries I serve.


Guillermo Maranon

¡Hola! With over a decade of leadership, I excel in sales, team mentorship, and empowering client decisions. Known for enthusiasm, focus, and innovation, I'm the luxury designer's go-to, fostering ties with LA and NYC's elite. Expertise spans flat weaves, custom carpets, and natural fibers. A showroom pro, I'm tech-savvy (PC/Mac, MS Office, CRM, social media). Outside, I'm a 2x NYC Marathoner, travel lover, museum buff, yoga/spinning enthusiast, soccer fan, and cinephile. My mission: transform floor coverings and client portfolios.

The Rug Warehouse Team

Introducing the powerhouse behind our success! Behold our extraordinary team, the driving force that propels us forward with dedication and brilliance. These remarkable individuals embody the essence of hard work and intelligence, consistently surpassing expectations and conquering challenges with finesse. With each member contributing their unique skills and expertise, our team boasts an impressive 150+ combined years of experience, a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence. Together, they form the backbone of our accomplishments, and we couldn’t be prouder to have such an exceptional group shaping our journey towards success.

In Memoriam

We are here on the shoulders of those who came before us and those who have left us too soon. Their standards, honesty, and care for doing the right thing guides us in our magic carpet ride to be the best business we can be. We shall always remember them.

Massood Haroonian (1922 - 2006)

The patriarch of the family, Massood's career in the rug industry spans for over five decades. He followed in his father's footsteps in Tehran, Iran, and quickly established himself as a reputable and prominent rug expert worldwide. For over 50's years, Massood had clients located around the world in places such as Japan, Europe, and North America. In Iran, he was member of Board of Directors Iranian Carpet Export Council and official expert to the Ministry of Justice (during the reign of the Shah). In the United States, he became a respected member of Appraisers Association of America. Massood Haroonian had a perceptive eye for fine art, and an unrivaled reputation for treating his clients and vendors with the utmost respect and integrity.

Dan Haroonian (1950 - 2003)

Our beloved older brother and uncle, whose claim to fame was his honesty and care for others. A man of dignity and service to humanity. He started his career in rugs with helping his father in the export trade. Once in Los Angeles, he was one of the founders of Haroonian Oriental Rugs, a company dedicated to trading and service of fine new and antique rugs.

Moussa Haroonian (1963 - 2007)

Moussa Haroonian, the youngest of the Haroonian brothers in Los Angeles, immigrated to the US at age 15 with his parents. After finishing with his studies in 1985, he joined his father Massood and brothers Dan and George in the family business of fine, new and antique Persian rugs. With his determination, dedication, and creativity, Moussa was instrumental in changing the direction of the business and helped make it a flourishing and successful one. His sharp eye in business and his innovative mind attracted close and friendly relationships with all major vendors in the U.S. as well as overseas. His kindness and morality taught all that knew him how to treat one another. His knowledge and passion of fine rugs has been a core reason why The Rug Warehouse is the business it is today.